Well our first home visit is scheduled f…

Well our first home visit is scheduled for 4/23! Thats 13 days! I spoke with our licensor yesterday and apparently our application went to the wrong department! I guess I checked the wrong box, which is easy to do because of the sheer volume of stuff you have to submit. Im understandably nervous, not to mention that I got into a little tiff with my mom the other day. She is being so difficult and inflexible. I cant start getting the babies room prepared if she doesn’t move her crap out of my space, and of coarse she gives me nothing but excuses. Ideally we would move, but we just dont have the financial resources necessary–I wish 😀
Otherwise things are moving along well. The home licensor said that we should be licensed for foster/adopt within the next three months– barring any complications– and Im really feeling the stress. I haven’t gotten back into a routine a school and next week will consist of round one of exams, and I can’t say I’ve studied at all! I’ve just got so much else to do. How do parents get everything done?? And I don’t even have a child yet! Any suggestions??
This weekend hubbie and I have another PRIDE class so our weekend is already half gone, then on sunday we plan on going to church and spending time with some friends 🙂

Happy Easter to all