I dont know why I dont write here anymor… 

I dont know why I dont write here anymore. . . I guess Ive been so busy with school and life that I haven’t thought about it. Also Ive been so uninspired, nothing seems worth writing about– can you tell ive been in and out of depression. Im not sure why I have been so up and down– alot has changed– maybe Im feeling directionless!
Ive stopped going to school–for now– I was wanting to take the summer off and after 2 weeks in a brutally difficult advanced chemistry class I was easily persuaded to drop the class and take that much needed break; and with further contemplation I have decided not to return until after our family is established. Which will definitely take some time since we haven’t even had a child placed into our home, and we’re in the middle of the home licensing phase. Nonetheless, I feel like my first priority is motherhood, something Ive been chasing since 2002 ! So, in the mean time I got a part time job medical assisting and I must say that Im really looking forward to working again, something different– not to mention the extra money will be great– and I’ll be able to take maternity leave when and if I need to, not something you can do at college.
On another note, hubbie is up in Alaska working the salmon season until the first of August, not to long but life is never the same without him. I dont get to talk to him very often so, I haven’t told him about my recent life-changing decisions about school and work. We talked about it a little before he left and I did tell him that I needed a break and that I thought it would be better for our future child if I had more free time. He didnt necessarily disagree, but he wasn’t really thrilled about it either. So we will see how he does with the news.
Anyway, we have another home visit scheduled for August 5th, and I have a million foster/adopt things to check off my list, so adios for now 🙂