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  • vanessa 12:21 pm on April 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Although I haven’t blogged lately a lot… 

    Although I haven’t blogged lately a lot has happened. Yesterday we finished our last PRIDE foster care class, and are now one step closer to parenthood. Unfortunately, we have had some bumps in the road here at home, and it has prolonged our journey. About two weeks ago I got a wild hair and decided we were going to move out of our joint living situation into an apartment. My mom and her boyfriend are being very uncooperative about getting the house ready for the home inspection and I just couldn’t take it anymore! So I thought that the best idea was to move into an apartment where we wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else to get the ball rolling. Well they were stunned and said that they needed three months notice before they would consider letting us out of our agreement. Needless to say that our home study, which was supposed to have happened on 4/21 was canceled! After I calmed down and hubbie and I talked about everything, we decided that us moving was in fact not the best option for us, so after all that we decided to stay here and try to make it work. Things have been a little better between the four of us, for now, and I’ve decided to wait until June to reschedule the home visit, I just need more time to get the house in tip top shape. We still need to move all my mom’s crap out of our extra bedroom, paint, build a wall to enclose our bedroom, and get some new area rugs. Not to mention all the baby stuff we still need! Its quite overwhelming. Plus Im not doing so well in my classes right now, Im so stressed out that I cannot focus! Life is only going to get harder! So please pray for me??

    • Michelle 9:23 pm on May 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Hey sweetie. Sorry this is the first time I’m getting to your blog since you visited last month. I had every intention of doing so, I just kept spacing it. Sorry to hear your mom isn’t being more cooperative with the adoption process. That would be totally frustrating. I hope things get to moving sooner than later.

      Big hug!

  • vanessa 4:01 pm on April 10, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Well our first home visit is scheduled f… 

    Well our first home visit is scheduled for 4/23! Thats 13 days! I spoke with our licensor yesterday and apparently our application went to the wrong department! I guess I checked the wrong box, which is easy to do because of the sheer volume of stuff you have to submit. Im understandably nervous, not to mention that I got into a little tiff with my mom the other day. She is being so difficult and inflexible. I cant start getting the babies room prepared if she doesn’t move her crap out of my space, and of coarse she gives me nothing but excuses. Ideally we would move, but we just dont have the financial resources necessary–I wish 😀
    Otherwise things are moving along well. The home licensor said that we should be licensed for foster/adopt within the next three months– barring any complications– and Im really feeling the stress. I haven’t gotten back into a routine a school and next week will consist of round one of exams, and I can’t say I’ve studied at all! I’ve just got so much else to do. How do parents get everything done?? And I don’t even have a child yet! Any suggestions??
    This weekend hubbie and I have another PRIDE class so our weekend is already half gone, then on sunday we plan on going to church and spending time with some friends 🙂

    Happy Easter to all

  • vanessa 1:37 am on March 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    I was talking to my best friend this mo … 

    I was talking to my best friend this morning about how I was stressed out about getting all the baby things we need for the foster/adopt program, and excitingly her mom has a really cute white shabby chic dresser for me 😀 My first baby item–well other than the truck load of baby clothes my sister gave me that I have no idea what Im going to do with– This is something I need and happen to really like–Ive admired it before at her house– God is so great, he really provides! I just need to remind myself of that when Im stressed and freaking out about all the things I need to do 😛
    So, this week is spring break for me and Ive pretty much been going non-stop, when Im in school I have no time for the details of life. People always think being a student is so great– all the free time!!– I just think what free time?? I’d like to know where it went, I want it back! NOW!! LOL
    Speaking of school, Im getting ready to do some homework now. Yes, you read that right, homework on spring break. Im taking a chemistry series, so this upcoming class that starts on monday is basically a continuation of last quarter, complete with homework and all! BLAHHHH, I hate chemistry, but as a biology major with the intent of attending medical school I’d better learn to love it 🙂

    I went to orientation today for the volunteer position I talked about earlier and all went well with that, boring like all orientations are, but good nonetheless. Im a little miffed that I have to go back on friday to “return paperwork” and get my PPD read. I hate driving into the city, I did it for three years straight and I hated every moment of it! Oh the road rage! LOL. . . I hope I can manage it once a week.

    well thats it for now, off to do homework, and then to bed.

  • vanessa 4:40 pm on March 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Oh! the stress!! Yesterday was so horrib … 

    Oh! the stress!!
    Yesterday was so horrible! I had a chemistry test yesterday afternoon, like I said below, and I also had a chemistry lab report due before the exam started. Well I couldn’t figure out the lab and everyone in our study group was telling me different things, so I was getting really worked up and decided to go and talk to the teacher, by the time I got there I was a nervous crying wreck, and I just bursted into tears! Poor guy, my professor, he is this sweet little old man. Im so embarrassed. I hate not being able to control my emotions, I feel like Im always on the verge of tears. My head is so full. Full of stuff about foster/adopt, full of chemistry and math facts, all waiting to fall out! LOL
    I really could use your supportive words 🙂

  • vanessa 5:30 am on March 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Oh, the studying!! Its so exhausting!! … 

    Oh, the studying!! Its so exhausting!! I have a chemistry test tomorrow and my brain is complete mush. Anyway, this week will be really hectic to say the least. On monday I have that exam I just noted above, Tuesday I have an interview to volunteer at Harborview Medical Center, Wed and Thurs I have to study like a mad crazy person, then lastly I have both my math and chemistry finals on Friday! Whew, not that you wanted or need to know that, but its out there… LOL. OMGoodness, I just looked at my calendar and noticed that my finals are scheduled for the nineteenth, that only leaves me one day free to study! And I though I was screwed before! Wish me luck.

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